In my time as a cat lover on the internet I've come across a variety of cat themed, or cat inspired, websites, many of which I'd love to share with you.

--- For Your Cats ---

Cool For Cats UK

London cat fosterer Kathy keeps her blog site chockablock with cute, funky and generally awesome things for your cat - from beds, to toys, to catflaps - as well as cat themed gifts, clothes and accessories for humans too. She also writes useful posts on topics like keeping garden birds safe from your cats, and has a regular roundup of cats in the news!

All Things Blankets And More

Rachel makes gorgeous cat beds in various styles, and items for humans too. Mia and Lila love their circular cat beds, many of which are currently on special offer.

Katz Castle Animal Shelter & Boarding Cattery

Mia and Lila happily stay at Katz Castle whenever we go on holiday. They have a great time, are spoiled rotten by the staff and best of all I know the fees we pay go towards helping their rescue cats too. The only problem is, I'm convinced that one day I'll be too tempted, and take home more cats than I dropped off!

Weybridge Vet Centre

Simon and his team provide a friendly atmosphere at this local vet practice - and they are proud stockists of Mog's Togs too!!

County Engraving

For Mia and Lila's everyday collar tags I buy from this Ebay seller - this is great for multicat households, or if you have a cat who frequently loses collars, as they sell plain coloured aluminium tags in bulk - for example 4 for £5.99 or 10 for £13.99. This includes double sided engraving and you can have something different on each tag too.

Paws and Claws Pet Tags

I have ordered some "special" collar tags for Mia and Lila from this website - they have a great range of tags and quick turnaround. Mia loves her "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy" one!

--- For You ---

Helenka White Jewellery

Cardiff-based jeweller Helen White draws inspiration from her beautiful cat Bobby as well as many other members of the animal kingdom and these themes crop up frequently in her work. Her collection of necklaces, bangles, earrings, and other items such as bookmarks and keyrings have a contemporary feel and her new forays into polymer clay are rather fabulous too!

--- For Fun ---

Cat vs Human

One of my favourite online cartoons, Yasmine captures those situations we cat-slaves know only too well... getting pinned to the sofa by your cat just as your bladder is about to burst, how they turn their nose up at their new favourite food as soon as you give in and buy a huge amount of it in bulk, and how they always manage to puke on the carpet, never the tiled floor.

Under The Paw

If you've read one of Tom Cox's books about his life as as Cat Man (Talk To The Tail, Under The Paw) you'll already be a fan of his writing, and his blog is more of the same. He's active on Facebook and Twitter too.


If you haven't already heard of Maru, the rounded Scottish Fold tabby from Japan, where have you been?! His adventures are captured in photographic form by his loving owner, and brilliantly and briefly captioned in both Japanese and English.

Catsparella, I Have Cat

Two great "modern cat lady" blogs!