Mog's Togs at the Dandy Lion!

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Yesterday I dragged Mr. Mog's Togs and all our stock up to Highgate in North London, more specifically the Boogaloo pub. Each month on the second Saturday there's a vintage and craft market held there, called The Dandy Lion. I don't often do craft fairs because my collars are so small it's hard to fill up a whole stall! However at this market there were some very small tables available, so I thought I'd give it a try. We didn't sell a huge amount, as it was a bit quiet due to the Easter school holidays, but we met some other nice sellers including Poochville who sell AMAZING dog collars on Etsy!

Here's our stall:

Dandy Lion stall

As well as collars, we had some catnip mice for sale too, the resident cat Hutch was quite a fan and nearly brought down the carefully arranged stall trying to get her paws on one!

Hutch checking out the catnip mice

We had to sacrifice one to her in the end to save our stock, but she seemed to enjoy it!

She finally gets her paws on her very own mouse!

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